Quotes from ATLA! 😊😊 

#avatar #avatard #avataraang #aang #katara #kataang #atla #thelastairbender #toph #suki #sokka #zuko #zutara #air #water #earth #fire #momo #appa #iroh #otp


Quotes from ATLA! 😊😊

#avatar #avatard #avataraang #aang #katara #kataang #atla #thelastairbender #toph #suki #sokka #zuko #zutara #air #water #earth #fire #momo #appa #iroh #otp

You were lucky to be born

You were lucky to be born

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So you make me come to this stupid thing, and you cry the whole fucking time. You tell then how much of a terrible person I am. You bite your fucking nails, and act like it’s the end of the world, even though you fucking brought me here. You did this. You complain because my interests have…

Fuckit indeed.
You sound awesome.


Remaining positive is incredibly difficult. I was supposed to leave Lawton over a month ago, and the taxes still haven’t come.

It legitimately feels like the entire fucking world is against me, like the people I used to trust and be close to absolutely hate the fact that I haven’t killed myself yet.

I’m so sick of feeling alone. Feeling worthless and unwanted.

You aren’t worthless, you are wanted.
Is it inappropriate to say ‘family doesn’t end with blood’? I don’t care, we’re a fandom family, we’re on Tumblr, one of the most supportive social sites in the world,
and you are not alone.
I’m so sorry you’re feeling so down.

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I’m sad and angry and frustrated and sad and depressed and I’m dying. Just put me out of my misery.

If by put you out of your misery you mean wrap you in a fuzzy blanket and watch fandom shows with you and eat pizza until you feel better, sure.


Fuck I’m at such a low point right now

I am seriously panicking

My life is such complete and utter shit

And I feel like I can’t breathe

If I had some inspirational message to send you I would.
If this was V for Vendetta I could send you a message saying I don’t know who you are but know that I love you, but this isn’t a movie. This isn’t a set or a moment in your life that will end when the credits roll.
But as one human being living a separate life, struggling and feeling worthless from time to time, maybe thousands of miles away, to another who is struggling, I love that you’re you and please please reach out if you feel yourself slipping.

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My uncle told me I’m a nosy bitch and no one cares about me. He said it in front of my mother … she just laughed, not realizing that the comment affected me.
If I can not even trust my family to help me with everything that people say to me every day at school and street, just because in home is the same .. what else do I have? .. I feel so lonely.

Then find a new one love. Find people who care, like us. Feel lonely, but don’t convince yourself that you’re alone.


I’m getting bad again, but this time is different. I can physically feel the sadness. Its like a dagger going through my stomach. I really don’t see a way out this time.

There are people on here who care. Talk to us?